Mission Possible Hope Restored is a compilation of short poetic messages. Through these expressions, Evon aims to encourage and motivate others in times of weakness, loneliness and hopelessness.

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Mission Possible Hope Restored
Mission Possible Hope Restored


Living in a Changing World touches on a wide array of topics with the aim of motivating and inspiring others in these changing times. Things will change, but do not allow the changes to change your core values or to change you. Continue to love and help others.

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Evon A Small - Living in a Changing World
Living in a Changing World


The Love Journey is a compilation of poems which focuses on relationships, from the romance stage to the difficult times. Remembering the sweet courtship times, when all you saw was beauty and stars; nothing could pull you both apart. Life is a journey and such is a marriage and other relationships; there will be ups and down. This book highlights the good times; the bad times and offers some general advices. It takes a lot to stay in any relationship and keep the fire burning.

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Evon A Small - The Love Journey
The Love Journey

Special Messages


Love is a beautiful thing when you love someone and they feel the same towards you. To truly love someone, requires action. Every relationship is a journey which has many ups and downs. Some relationships will last a few weeks; some a few years and some will last a lifetime. It requires many ingredients for it to last. Some were meant to be; some were never meant to be and some requires extra work to keep them going.

Do not be too hasty to walk away during the rough times; remember it is a journey.

Sometimes things do not go as planned in life. Sometimes your partner shatters your life; sometimes your heart is torn apart. Do not fill the cracks in your heart with hate; fill it with love, to grow stronger. Only love can mend the cracks.

I wish all seeking love will find real love.
I wish all seeking love will find endless love.

There is no perfect love except God’s love.

Always work on keeping the fire burning in your relationship


Live and enjoy life to the fullest, but remember to always think twice before making a decision. This is your life; your big chapter; let it be memorable.

This is a changing world, but please do not allow the world to change you or rearrange you. Every day there are crisis in the world or in our lives, but there is a man who can guide you in the midst of the crisis and his name is Jesus Christ